Bounded Freedom

Yes we are independent. We have freedom to do anything we want. But are we really are independent. No we all are bound to our emotions towards others. To be totally free you have to be selfish. But we can’t be selfish for ourselves because we always find happiness in the company of others. We can’t be happy if we are alone and to be with someone means you have to make that someone happy. So we all are bounded in our own mind.

I am ok

Yes this is exactly what they want to listen. Nobody in this world is interested to hear what is happening in your life they will never understand. So I promised to myself that know for others I will always be ok. Yeh I am ok.

I can’t sleep

I just can’t sleep. All meaningless thoughts keeps me up all night.Why even I am thinking about that person who even don’t deserve this. But I just want all this to be stopped now. He did that and just moved on .Now its time for me to get over him and have closure


Beware of people when you are emotionally unstable. Never share your insecurities with others whether they are your friends. At that time anyone can take advantage of you. You will be blamed for what happened that time but only you know that you were out of your mind that person knew that you were not on your own . So beware of that kind of person. You can be destroyed by making the decision that time that which is your true friend. So beware.

life is so complicated

O God this phase of my life is getting too complicated.The thoughts I have been avoiding are just coming to my head. Why I can’t even control my own thoughts. Why the events that makes me upset are happening again and again in my mind. I just wanted a simple peaceful life . I never thought bad about anybody just mind my own business. Then why that horrible person comes in my life. Sometimes it’s like all that happens was gone but no these thoughts will never leave me and I have to suffer like this again and again.

“Two faced people “

What kind of people are they. They never showed their true side. How can be someone so coward that they are scared to show their real feelings, thoughts, real words. They just play with others that actually believe in them. They think that they make others fool but I think they don’t know what they want but they act like they are very satisfied with their acts. They don’t realise what they are missing in life to be real.