You are my habit. I am habitual to you. But it’s not your fault. It’s my habit to become habitual to the person, people, situations etc. I don’t know it’s bad or good but what can I do. I am happy as I am and I’m not going to change myself for any reason.

That’s why I afraid to be happy

Is this ever happened to you one day you are at extreme level of happiness and suddenly all your happiness disappear and you left with all sorrows of your life. It happens to me all the time. My birthday was on 24 June and I was fool to think that everything is going to be right. All is well. But I was wrong and I always will be. Now it is confirmed that this is permanent so I can never be truly happy.

Bounded Freedom

Yes we are independent. We have freedom to do anything we want. But are we really are independent. No we all are bound to our emotions towards others. To be totally free you have to be selfish. But we can’t be selfish for ourselves because we always find happiness in the company of others. We can’t be happy if we are alone and to be with someone means you have to make that someone happy. So we all are bounded in our own mind.

I am ok

Yes this is exactly what they want to listen. Nobody in this world is interested to hear what is happening in your life they will never understand. So I promised to myself that know for others I will always be ok. Yeh I am ok.

I can’t sleep

I just can’t sleep. All meaningless thoughts keeps me up all night.Why even I am thinking about that person who even don’t deserve this. But I just want all this to be stopped now. He did that and just moved on .Now its time for me to get over him and have closure